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About IBKR Traders’ Insight

IBKR Traders’ Insight (IBTI) is a venue for market-related articles and commentary covering an array of asset classes and topics. The site relies on contributions from IBKR employees, exchanges, and third-party contributors. The blog also features posts from some of our third-party research providers. All articles published on Traders’ Insight are simultaneously published directly to our trading platform (TWS).

You can be easily notified of new articles by adding IBKR Traders’ Insight to your RSS feed via the orange icon on the left of the navigation bar. Articles and topics can be searched for in the internal search bar located on the right of the navigation bar. Our site also allows users to share posts and follow IBTI on social media!

Traders’ Insight is affiliated with Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers has been the pioneer of the electronic trading revolution. Interactive Brokers conducts its broker/dealer business on over 120 market destinations worldwide. In its broker dealer agency business, IBKR provides direct access (“on line”) trade execution and clearing services to institutional and professional traders for a wide variety of electronically traded products.  

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