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Bill Baruch is founder and President of Blue Line Futures, Blue Line Capital, and Blue Creek Capital. Bill has extensive experience in the financial industry as an advisor, trader and manager. He started his career as an investment banking analyst, but quickly left for the fast paced world of commodity trading in 2007. He got his start as a Market Strategist at Lind Waldock’s Chicago Board of Trade office. Lind Waldock was purchased by MF Global and he began running his own trade desk there in 2009. In 2011, he took a role as the Chief Market Strategist at iiTRADER. Blue Line Futures is a futures and commodities brokerage, Blue Line Capital is a registered investment advisor, Blue Creek Capital is a commodity trading advisor.

Blue Line Futures

January 27, 2022

Bending, But Not Breaking

Whether deliberate or not, yesterday the Federal Reserve came across slightly more hawkish than expected. First, this can be seen through the rate markets, now showing nearly a 90% probability the Fed hikes a fourth time through December.

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Blue Line Futures

January 5, 2022

Fed Minutes and Yields in Spotlight

Yesterday’s Tech bloodbath should not have come as a surprise. We have been warning the holiday melt-up was just that and we are likely to see continued volatility at the onset of the New Year as the focus of market participants shifts to the Federal Reserve’s path of tightening.

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