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New Constructs leverages reliable fundamental data, as proven in The Journal of Financial Economics, to provide unconflicted insights into the fundamentals and valuation of private and public businesses. Combining human expertise with cutting-edge machine learning (ML) technologies (featured by Harvard Business School), the firm shines a light in the dark corners (e.g. footnotes) of hundreds of thousands of corporate financial filings to reveal critical details that drive uniquely comprehensive and independent credit and equity investment ratings, valuation models and research tools.

New Constructs

February 3, 2021

Outperforming Shorts That Could Fall Further

We first put Casper Sleep in the Danger Zone in February 2020 prior to its IPO just a few days later. At the time, we noted the firm’s slowing and profitless revenue growth, weak competitive position, exorbitant expenses, and overvalued stock price.

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