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Sight Beyond Sight® is a global macro trading newsletter written daily by Neil Azous. With over two decades of institutional experience across asset classes, Neil interprets the day-to-day economic, policy, strategy, and technical developments and provides actionable trading ideas for investors. We invite clients of Interactive Brokers to sign up for a free trial in Client Portal. If you are not a client of IB, you can sign up for a free trial by visiting our website.

Rareview Macro

September 24, 2019

Swedish Krona (SEK) Set to Weaken

Investors are becoming increasingly concerned that the Riksbank, the oldest central bank in the world, is behind the curve. Specifically, a consensus is forming that the Riksbank is too sanguine regarding growth, employment, inflation, and inflation expectations.Over the past year, Sweden’s unemployment has risen by more than 1% and from its trough has risen 1.4%.

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