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Sentieo organizes the world’s financial information to make you and your team more productive in your fundamental research workflow. We process millions of documents to deliver crucial information in seconds with advanced linguistic search algorithms; organize and centralize your research processes with our notebook and research management system; integrate into your workflow with collaboration in mind; help you build models faster from source documents with zero data entry using our table extraction tools; and allow you to find new information from the same datasets and add new alternative datasets to your arsenal. With Sentieo, spend less time gathering and organizing information and more time generating alpha.


January 7, 2020

Productivity as an Edge in Equity Research

Investing is an ever-evolving industry. In recent years, we have seen the rise of indexing, quantitative strategies, an explosion of alternative data, and fee compression. Specific tools and data sets have delivered some improvements, for example, the addition of alternative data to analysts’ resources; however, the research workflow has remained relatively static.

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