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Stock Traders Daily is the longest standing proactive investment portal on the Internet today.  Founded on 1.12.00, the peak of the Internet Bubble, it had to know how to control risk from the beginning.  The biggest readers of its research include Two Sigma, Citadel, Blackrock, Rentech, and more.  Its proprietary Models include The Investment Rate, which has identified every long term market cycle in US History since 1900, tells us what natural asset demand will look like without stimulus, and when inflation will begin to be a problem again. Evitar Corte, its Tail Risk Hedge Model, has helped investors sidestep market crashes since 1992, most recently the Corona Crash, and significantly beats the S&P 500 by playing defense when the FOMC provides signals.  Trading Strategies compliment the macro focus, and provide subscribers with the tools they need to effectively manage portfolios.  Find Out More.

Stock Traders Daily

June 18, 2021

Post FOMC Observations

After every FOMC meeting a review of Evitar Corte is warranted, so we’ll start there. Evitar Corte is our Tail Risk Hedge, it is rooted in FOMC monetary policy decisions, and it has helped investors sidestep every market crash since the turn of the century, including last year’s Corona Crash.

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