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Janus Henderson

July 23, 2021

When Will Fundamentals Matter Again?

As more speculative investing is once again driving returns, Portfolio Manager Justin Tugman discusses market factors that could encourage a renewed focus on fundamentals.

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Blue Line Futures

July 23, 2021

Most Critical Week of the Year Yet, Next Week

U.S. benchmarks are pointing higher, finding added tailwinds from social media earnings after yesterday’s closing bell. No major sector gained more than 1% yesterday, but Energy and Financials each lost about 1%.

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July 23, 2021

Chart Advisor: Low-Conviction Lift

The market saw little movement following the disappointing jobless claim numbers this morning. Forecasts reported an expectation of 350,000, but the actual number came out at 419,000. The negative news did little to provoke any price movement.

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Heptagon Capital

July 22, 2021

Quiz Time

Your one and only question is the following: what do electric vehicles and plant-based burgers have in common? The answer: they’re both getting better the whole time.

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