June 9, 2022


Inditex announced on Wednesday that it finally made more in profit last quarter than it did before the pandemic.

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Blue Line Futures

June 9, 2022

‘Twas The Day Before CPI

‘Twas the day before CPI, when all thro’ the screen, not a market was stirring, nothing red or green. But an ECB decision still hung in the balance. Would Lagarde’s approach prove to be callous?

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The Fly

June 8, 2022

What You Missed This Week In Video Games

This week’s major new release is Nintendo’s (NTDOY) “Mario Strikers: Battle League,” an arcade soccer game releasing exclusively for the Switch on June 10. “Battle League” is the third game in the “Mario Strikers” series and the first new entry since 2007’s “Mario Strikers Charged” for the Nintendo Wii.

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