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September 22, 2020

Laundry Day

Leaked documents showed a dozen banks – including JPMorgan, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank – have been helping criminals remove stubborn stains from their ill-gotten gains.

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BMO Global Asset Management

September 10, 2020

September 2020 Fixed Income Market Update

In our view, in a landscape of improved risk sentiment and strong demand for yield, U.S. corporates appear attractive even noting the recompression of spreads since the first quarter.

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RJO Futures

September 9, 2020

Futures Markets Insights: September 9, 2020

The crash, and the BOUNCE. Be conscious of the idea that that may be “it” on the downside for now. We saw the “heart attack” drop at the 5pm open last night, and then a rally ensued overnight.

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Interactive Advisors

September 8, 2020

It’s Time to Cancel Single-Use Plastic

Plastics industry representatives are already on the record as saying things like ”We believe uncollected plastics do not belong in the environment.” But the industry believes the answer is not less plastic, but more recycling. This position has been used as a stay-out-of-jail-free stance for 40 years.

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Invesco US

September 8, 2020

Fire Is the Test of Gold

This post examines whether the recent shakeout in gold is a change of trend or simply profit taking. After almost doubling since its cycle low in December 2015, the price of gold witnessed a violent shakeout of over 7% in early August.

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Franklin Templeton

September 4, 2020

Three Ways to View the Gold Rally from an Equity Viewpoint

Despite reaching all-time highs above $2,000 per troy ounce this summer, gold prices might still have room to run, according to Franklin Equity Group’s Steve Land. In addition, he shares some reasons why the current environment could present new opportunities for gold-focused miners to redefine themselves as stronger businesses.

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September 3, 2020

The Death of the 60/40 Portfolio

Should investors start to move away from bonds in their current allocations? Will the standard hedging function and diversification benefits of bonds will be much less attractive going forward?

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