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Global X ETFs

December 11, 2019

Global X 2020 Outlook

Purely from a returns perspective, 2019 appeared to be a banner year. The S&P 500 and other major equity indexes posted double-digit gains and hit new all-time highs in 2019. Investors feasted on easy money from accommodative central banks. U.S. equities set the pace, despite some high-profile wobbles. Developed markets were close behind.

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Econoday Inc.

December 9, 2019

Central Banks on Hold As Data Improves

Strength is this week’s theme, at least for the most part. Lower rates and Washington’s borrow and spend policy appear to be giving the US labor market a sizeable push going into year end. Growth in the global economy in general also appears to be improving, or at least no longer deteriorating. This lift is expressed in the week’s central bank decisions.

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FTSE Russell

December 6, 2019

Growth In ESG Begs The Question of Implementation

A significant level of assets have flowed into sustainable investment in recent years, to the tune of $30.7 trillion globally in the five major markets at the start of 2018—a 34% increase in two years—according to The Global Sustainable Investing Alliance’s most recent trends report.

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BMO Global Asset Management

December 5, 2019

December 2019 Fixed Income Market Update

In November, global economic data was mixed, while U.S. growth and employment data continued to surprise to the upside. China trade tensions continued to moderate, which improved risk sentiment, though resolution remains elusive.

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December 5, 2019

Don’t Fight the Tape

Should U.S. Treasury (UST) yields be this low, given the current investment landscape? It sure is an interesting question, don’t you think? That being said, whether or not you feel the UST 10-Year yield should be trading at its current level of around 1.70%, the old adage “Don’t fight the tape” comes to mind.

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Invesco US

December 3, 2019

2020 Outlook: An Optimistic View of Capital Markets

As we look ahead to 2020, it’s clear that central banks are still shouldering the burden for stimulating the economy via monetary policy. That should bode well for 2020, in our view. However, we believe such monetary easing should be more positively impactful for asset prices than the overall economy. Economic uncertainty is likely to continue to depress capital spending, in our view, and we must watch vigilantly to ensure it doesn’t spill over into diminished hiring plans.

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December 2, 2019

December Ready to Start on Temperate Note

For the stock market, the weather remains pretty temperate. Trade winds have been blowing in a mostly favorable direction, central banks continue to blow hot air into the market with accommodative policies, and economic data have been offering some signs of early spring as it relates to the 2020 growth outlook — growth being the operative word.

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CME Group

November 27, 2019

Trading Is Stressful, And Traders Need An Outlet

Many traders would deal with stress in positive ways like exercise or competitive sports, while others seemed to never find the right outlet. Over the years I’ve tried to identify the characteristics of the successful traders, and the one thing that always pops up is a healthy respect for risk.

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Franklin Templeton

November 22, 2019

Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets: Progress and Opportunity

There have been improvements in corporate governance in a number of emerging markets, but it remains a work in progress. In the second of this two-part series, Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity’s Chetan Sehgal and Andrew Ness explore the steps some regulators and companies in emerging economies have taken to improve corporate governance.

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Franklin Templeton

November 8, 2019

Navigating New Global Market Uncertainties

Global equity markets continued to face uncertainties during the third quarter of this year, but by and large, they remained resilient. Templeton Global Equity Group’s Tony Docal, Peter Moeschter and Heather Waddell provide an overview of events shaping markets in the third quarter and share their outlook for global equities.

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The Hammerstone Group

October 31, 2019

Early Look: Thursday, October 31, 2019

U.S. futures are slipping along with weakness in Europe and Asia, falling after reports that China has doubts it can reach a long-term trade deal with President Trump as well as reports that North Korea fired at least two projectiles into the Sea of Japan on Thursday.

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