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February 26, 2021

The Queen’s Gambit Declined

The game of chess shows us that there are reasons why declining to take a particular position today may actually offer better long-term prospects for portfolios, and a higher probability of winning the long game.

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Blue Line Futures

February 23, 2021

The Inflection Point has Arrived

Tech is getting slammed again. Yesterday, the NQ lost 2.5% and the added selling overnight is dragging the risk-environment lower. We have hammered home the rising rate narrative and how a high velocity move in the 10-year Treasury above 1.25% will tap a pain threshold at 1.50%.

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RJO Futures

February 23, 2021

Market Outlook: Feb. 23, 2021

SPY -2.5% correction off the top, NQ -6.8% from peak to trough this morning, and the Russell 2000 -4% off the top. Here’s some perspective, The SPY is +82%, NQ +109%, RTY +144% on a y/y basis. So today is not the day to hem and haw over a correction.

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WisdomTree U.S.

February 18, 2021

Where Can Bitcoin Go from Here?

Bitcoin is a hot topic! We had the pleasure of discussing the investment thesis for bitcoin on our Behind the Markets podcast with Ari Paul, the co-founder of BlockTower Capital, a crypto asset-focused asset management firm.

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RJO Futures

February 16, 2021

Market Outlook: Feb. 16, 2021

Gold is struggling, Silver, Copper and Platinum aka semiconductor metals are killing it this morning – remember, Gold is a currency and vastly underperforms in Scenario 2. Not to say that we won’t come back to Gold at a later time, just not at the moment.

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CME Group

February 10, 2021

Why Ethereum is on the Rise

The interest in Ethereum technology has never been higher. Ethereum is the second-largest public Blockchain network by both market capitalization and daily trading volume.

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February 9, 2021


Renesas sure had a lot to say for itself on Monday: the Japanese chipmaker announced it was buying British chipmaker Dialog.

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