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January 24, 2020

9 Winners Managing ESG Risk

As ESG considerations grow in importance, companies that can successfully adapt should benefit more than those that don’t. As such, our analysts are looking at their respective industries through the lens of ESG risk.

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SL Advisors

January 15, 2020

Clean Fossil Fuels May Be Coming

NET Power has developed a natural gas power plant that produces electricity with no CO2 emissions. Conventional single-cycle power plants burn natural gas (or coal) to heat water which acts on a turbine to generate electricity. This produces CO2, and in the case of coal plants other noxious gases and polluting particles.

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FTSE Russell

January 3, 2020

EU Taxonomy Shines A Bright Light on Green Claims

As ESG issues have risen up the investment agenda, so too have the number of green claims made by investment managers, sometimes on the basis of questionable assumptions or limited data. Now, with agreement by EU institutions on the long-awaited EU Green Taxonomy, those claims will have to be firmly grounded in evidence.

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Interactive Advisors

December 17, 2019

Time for a Green Investing Rethink?

There’s no denying that sustainable investing is one of the most powerful trends in global finance as investors seek some measure of the environmental and social impact of their investments.

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Gabelli Funds

December 16, 2019

ESG Issue Series: Antibiotics

The Role of Antibiotics in Global Food Supply Chains: Many investors are taking time to understand how such long-term dynamics related to antibiotics can help them understand changing risks in food manufacturing companies.

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FTSE Russell

December 6, 2019

Growth In ESG Begs The Question of Implementation

A significant level of assets have flowed into sustainable investment in recent years, to the tune of $30.7 trillion globally in the five major markets at the start of 2018—a 34% increase in two years—according to The Global Sustainable Investing Alliance’s most recent trends report.

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November 18, 2019


Last week, Goldman Sachs hosted a conference for companies and investors to discuss how their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities would impact them – and how to make sure they don’t lose money if the apocalypse arrives.

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Gabelli Funds

November 13, 2019

ESG Issue Series: Supply Chain

For any manufacturer, the importance of understanding risks in their supply chain is clear. Whether it is logistics, disruption, sourcing or quality issues, businesses know that globalization means reliance on supply chains. Monitoring and evaluation of supply chains is a complex process that typically is not noticed by end customers if it runs well.

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