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Janus Henderson

August 13, 2021

Estate Planning Lessons from a Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend

Retirement Directors Marquette Payton and Ben Rizzuto discuss the importance of careful wealth transfer planning – particularly for minorities, who are not as likely to have an estate plan in place – and why proactive communication is just as critical as legal instruments such as wills and trusts.

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May 11, 2021

Moves to Consider to Help Protect Your Portfolio & Profits

For most investors, finding an appropriate asset allocation and rebalancing and adjusting based on your risk tolerance and time horizon is the best course of action. But for those investors that are more active, or have a more opportunistic approach to investing, here are some considerations for how to protect some of your profits in today’s market.

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Janus Henderson

April 9, 2021

What’s New in Fiduciary Breach Cases?

Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto expects two issues – Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) and the types of investments offered on plan menus – to be part of the next generation of potential fiduciary failures and lawsuits.

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BMO Global Asset Management

March 25, 2021

Can I Invest My IRA In This?

Tom Kurinsky of Millenium Trust discusses the ins and outs of holding these alternative assets in IRAs and how you can advise your clients on integrating these investments into their portfolios.

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Franklin Templeton

March 23, 2021

Time for Social Security’s Shot in the Arm

Gail Buckner, Franklin Templeton personal retirement and financial planning strategist, shares her thoughts on how the pandemic has affected a key source of income for many elderly Americans—Social Security—and why it’s time to take action to shore up the program.

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January 22, 2021

When Diversification Backfires

Your investment plan lineup is not a buffet table–the dangers of naïve diversification. There are times when the general principle of diversification can work against investors

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Wells Fargo Asset Management

October 15, 2020

Blind Spots in the Retirement Space

Nate Miles, Head of Retirement at Wells Fargo Asset Management, reveals three retirement blind spots that he and his team have noticed in conversations with defined contribution plan sponsors, their consultants, and advisors.

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