API Integration with IBKR TWS Color Grouping Windows

API Integration with IBKR TWS Color Grouping Windows

TWS Color Grouping Windows are identified by a color chain, as you can see in the Users’ Guide screenshot below. In the API, an integer number serves to map these specific colors and the function displayGroupList facilitates the integration.

Source: TWS Users’ Guide

Let’s take a look at this scenario from our GitHub Reference Guide using IBApi.EClient.queryDisplayGroups.

First, API users invoke the function IBApi.EWrapper.displayGroupList to query the Groups.

The function returns a list of groups, in a format of integers separated by an “I” character like this “4|1|2|5|3|6|7”. See Python example from the GitHub Guide below.

class TestWrapper(wrapper.EWrapper):

def displayGroupList(self, reqId: int, groups: str):
super().displayGroupList(reqId, groups)
print("DisplayGroupList. ReqId:", reqId, "Groups", groups)

Next, in order to integrate with a specific group, API users have to subscribe to the group, using the function IBApi.EClient.subscribeToGroupEvents.

Finally, the Group Window in TWS can display a certain contract by invoking the API function IBApi.EClient.updateDisplayGroup.

Visit GitHub for additional samples in Java, C++ or C#, and for instructions on how to unsubscribe from the Group Events.