IBKR Career Updates for Python Users

IBKR was once again rated #1 – Best Online Broker by Barron’s Magazine. Naturally, many finance professionals and engineers are very interested in working for us.

Today we focus on Python as a skill in coding and web development careers. While the main programming languages we seek in engineering candidates tend to be Java or C++, Python knowledge has become a big plus. It is appreciated in many areas of programming, business development and database management. Python users who are always looking to stay ahead of the game will notice that R, Go, Ruby and Awk are also becoming desired skills.

Innovators Wanted!

Visit our Careers Listing page for a list of IBKR jobs with Python skill requirements. Moreover, watch our Careers video “Software without Bureaucracy” to learn why current employees chose IBKR and how they value our unique culture and opportunities: www.ibkr.com/careers.

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