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U.S. Municipal Bond Market

In this course, IBKR senior market analyst Steven Levine provides essential details about the U.S. municipal bond market, including the types of securities investors typically encounter such as general obligation bonds and revenue bonds. We’ll also offer you some tools to enable you to obtain a better understanding of the risks involved with municipal securities and how they may be mitigated, along with certain tax considerations. Lastly, we’ll walk you through the IBKR Trader Workstation, where you can locate certain municipal bonds in the secondary market, create charts and conduct due diligence to help inform your investment decisions.

The sample video below is a lesson entitled: U.S. Municipal Bond Market – Lesson 5: Ratings & Insurance.

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Interactive Brokers’ senior market analyst Steven Levine provides an overview of ratings agencies (NRSROs) and bond guarantors and conducts an interview with Ed Grebeck, global debt strategist and CEO of Tempus Advisors, for further insights. Grebeck, who gave one of the earliest warning signs about the 2008-09 global financial crisis, also warns about political/governance risk in today’s municipal securities market.

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