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Weighing Risk versus Reward

Wrap Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WRTC) sells security products for professionals.  The Las Vegas-based company has a $180M market capitalization.  100-day volatility has been consistently above 70 during the past 6 months.  The share price had a wild ride from a $4-handle in December 2019, to above $7 this month and came back into the 6s.  Starting in December 2019, the borrow fee increased from the 20s to >200%.  Investors which contemplate shorting can experience stick shock when they see triple-digit borrow fees on IBKR’s real-time display.  A question we encounter is “why would someone pay that much interest?”  WRTC is a good example of one possible reason: speculation.

On February 21, WRTC closed at $7.59 per share and the borrow fee was 86%.  On February 25, WRTC closed at $5.95.  That is a 21% decline in 2 trading days.  If we annualize the capital gain for an apples-to-apples comparison to the borrow fee, it is north of 1,000%.  The average annualized borrow fee for those dates was 90%.  Of course, the scenario could have played out differently. 

We are seeing small locates from retail broker counterparties.  The borrow fee is 95% with Utilization the same.  Short Interest is 15% of the float.  This suggests that the largest holders, which are individuals according to SEC filings, may not be making their shares available to lend.

WRAP margin lending
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